Social media 101 – it’s as easy as 5:3:2!

Imagine if there was a way that you could connect with anyone and share your organisation’s key messages for free, oh wait, there is, it’s called social media.

Social media is one of the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective methods of publishing content and targeting new customers, with the bonus of boosting your site’s SEO while you’re at it. Yet, many businesses still fail to use it in an effective way.

With this in mind, we have collated a few simple ways to be social on a daily basis:

Engage – Clicking on an individual or an organisation’s social media page gives you an immediate understanding of the brand - whether it be accurate or not. Social media is an integral element of your core business strategy and employee engagement can play a huge role in strengthening your brand. In our opinion a business that tweets together, stays together (and also benefits by looking pretty brilliant at the same time) so employers should do what they can to motivate employees to share and connect online as often as possible.

More than a one-off event – Social media has been referred to as the 21st century version of a cocktail party. Each visit offers an opportunity to network with new people and develop relationships. However, as with any conversation, it’s a two-way street - replies are expected and attendance is key.

Quality not quantity – In our digital age it is important to remember that quality over quantity is key. Once you’re in the groove it can be easy to bombard your followers with content. Taking more time to generate less content is a great rule to follow, providing your followers with helpful, authentic and thought-provoking content, while also preventing you from social media burnout.  

Achieving the social sharing balance – Remember the cocktail party, nobody wants to listen to someone talk about themselves all evening. The same applies on social media, therefore it is important to balance your self-promotional messages with other third-party content. We recommend the 5:3:2 rule for keeping the status quo.  For every ten posts, five should be relevant third-party content, three should be own content and two should be light hearted, fun content which shows your brands personality (why not take a peek at a recent Pearl example here).

Alia Al-Doori