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STAFFORDSHIRE POLICE – Media Training and Community Engagement



We delivered a programme of in-person training sessions for local commanders at Staffordshire Police, following the launch of a new local policing model.

This training was designed to build confidence and ensure an understanding of how to deliver messaging clearly and effectively. In the highly scrutinised public sector, reputation means everything, and it was vital that Staffordshire Police’s commanders felt equipped to engage with journalists and the public to the best of their ability.

Over six sessions, a total of 24 people were trained. Held at Staffordshire Police’s HQ, the sessions included theory around preparing for all types of broadcast interview, a messaging workshop and practical run throughs.

Practical topics and interview scenarios were prepared based on ‘live’ incidents in the county, along with current national campaigns, including the Police Race Action Plan. The sessions also included a short section on media law and the College of Policing media engagement guidelines. Alongside equipping participants with the skills to handle tricky questions, the sessions were designed to build confidence and demonstrate how best to deliver key messaging and build rapport with journalists.


Pearl Comms delivered media training to leaders across Staffordshire Police as part of the implementation of our new local policing model. The sessions equipped leaders with the tools to take part in media interviews in their local areas, ensuring they are confidence in getting key messages across to communicate key issues to local communities. The sessions also taught them vital presentation skills. Pearl’s trainers are highly experienced, professional and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate in recommending them to other organisations.

Caroline TozerHead of Corporate Communications and Engagement, Staffordshire Police

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