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We are the sole provider of media training for Shakespeare Martineau. This includes a monthly, virtual, media training workshop that is mandatory for all new joiners at the firm. Since starting the programme, over 100 of the firm’s people have been trained, including all new senior hires as well as current employees who haven’t had media training before.

The sessions focus on building confidence and include a theory workshop around interview preparation, messaging and information about types of broadcast interview and what to expect.

The virtual delivery allows participants to undertake several practical interview tasks, focusing largely on live and pre-recorded radio scenarios. The practical sessions are appraised as a group.

In addition to the introductory training programme, we have also held targeted sessions for more competent media spokespeople, to refresh their skills, stress-test them ahead of a live opportunity, or to prepare for a major campaign launch. For example, in January 2023, we held a bespoke training session ahead of the firm’s launch of a landmark research report, More Than Stores.


I thought this was a really useful session. I think the level was appropriate for me. Fortunately the group all had similar experience. I’ve only done a few bits and bobs so although I really enjoy doing it I’m well aware that I’ve still got plenty to learn! I liked the idea of trying to steer the conversation to the key points you want to make and not being scared to drop in a quick sales pitch! It was useful to have a practical experience.

Legal professional (new to speaking to the media)Shakespeare Matineau

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