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The winner takes it all… or do they? 

The general election is over – cue some sighs of relief and plenty of disappointed politicians. Whether it’s losing a comment to a competitor or missing out on a key speaking opportunity, we’ve put together some top PR top tips to help build resilience, learn lessons and keep things positive for your brand when things don’t go your way.   

Keep your cool on social media 

Losing out on a great opportunity can dampen your mood, but in the heat of the moment it’s important to be cautious of what you post online. As they say, the internet is forever, and one bad move could quickly snowball into a reputation crisis that affects your brand. 

So how should we react to losing?  

  1. Have a public meltdown! 
  2. Accept the result with grace…  

We can all agree that the second is much more professional, so here’s what we recommend when emotions are raw:  

DO: Continue to show interest in the topic or organisation and keep joining in the conversation to get your voice heard.  

Taking these actions all send a key message: that you are experts in your field with insightful opinions and knowledge to share. For example, you might see a competitor land a top media opportunity. By commenting on the topic across your channels you can make sure that you’re sharing your people’s expertise to raise their brand profile.  

DON’T: Complain or respond negatively to the opinion of other industry experts. 

The don’ts are simple: keep those negative feelings at bay! We all know what it’s like to miss out on something that we have worked hard for, but if you pour every negative emotion into your social posts or bombard your customers with conspiracies, they could start to doubt your business’ ability to support their needs.   


Always learn from adversity  

Losing out on an opportunity to comment or get involved in an event might feel like you’re headed back to square one, but you’re not. We see adversity as opportunity: to rethink certain aspects of your approach and seek to understand why others may have had more success. So how can PR help? 

DO: Show willingness to use the loss as a learning opportunity, understand the outcome and make plans to improve your offering.  

A loss can be a good way to welcome an opportunity for growth and elevate your brand position. Considering key changes and updating customers or clients with timely and transparent communication across your channels shows that your business is focused on improvement and providing a better experience.  

DON’T: Ignore advice, dismiss change, become stuck in your ways.  

Even though you didn’t land an opportunity, one of your competitors did, and it’s important to understand what they did well and, if appropriate, reflect this in your business practice. Using a mishap as a learning opportunity is a good way to show resilience and tenacity when it comes to your brand. 

For example, if a competitor regularly speaks at conferences and you’re just getting started, it could mean that they are more likely to land the big panel or roundtable. Here’s where PR steps in; to create a speaker strategy alongside vital industry connections – improving your chances of getting exposure in all the right places, in front of the audiences that matter most. 


Don’t give up at the first hurdle  

Losing out can be crushing, but giving up should not be an option. You might not have gotten that speaker slot; someone else’s comment might have been published, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get it next time.  

Whilst maintaining a positive outlook and not giving up is hard, it can reflect positively on the company – raising your brand profile as you continue to put in the work and, crucially, communicate your efforts. So how do we use PR to build business resilience? 

DO: Reflect, learn and try again.  

Don’t let one negative result keep you from achieving your goals, instead seek to understand the results and communicate the things that should be celebrated – there will be plenty. Remember, your business was good enough to be considered, and success only takes one yes. 

DON’T: Give up! And remember, when it feels like thing aren’t going your way, it’s better to collaborate than try to go it alone. A great PR team can help you to create a winning strategy – lifting your brand position and communications to the next level to overcome challenges and accelerate your business goals. 

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