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Home working has changed many areas of life and for corporate spokespeople it’s changed the way media interviews are conducted.

Whereas once an industry media reporter might have been happy with a snatched 10 minute phone call, they are now more likely to be after a 30 minute conversation on Zoom or Teams, which gives them an option to post a video clip on their website too!

But how do you ace the virtual media interview? Here are some pearls of wisdom from us.

Check your lighting  

Avoid having a window behind your head, which can cause glare. Natural light is good but if the sun comes out during the interview, this could make you look washed out. Use blinds if necessary but make sure the room is well lit and use additional ambient lighting if necessary.

Consider your setting  

Place objects with care if they are in view of the camera and make sure the setting is professional and tidy. Rather than too many blank walls, try to have some points of interest, such as picture, vase or book case.

Dress to impress  

You will only be seen from the waist up but it’s still important to dress the part. Smart clothing in a block colour, without too much detailing, tends to work best.

Avoid disruptions (as far as possible)  

We’ve all been there. You’ve just started a presentation or a media interview and a delivery man arrives at the door, causing the dog to start barking its head off! Either that or your phone rings. Remember to mute your phone and turn off notifications on your laptop apps too.

The eyes have it    

When giving a media interview via a screen, it is important to maintain eye contact with the reporter. This means looking into the webcam as far as possible. This might feel a bit strange at first, so practice it beforehand and try to avoid looking up or to the side for inspiration while you are talking.

Be positive and engaging   

A virtual media interview is a chance to get face time with a reporter and start to build a relationship. Being positive and engaging and preparing well for the call will encourage them to use you again!


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