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At Pearl Comms we always try to think beyond the norm. Why stay static when you could be moving forward? PR is constantly evolving, and recently it’s video content that’s been the talk of the sector.

Video can add a new level of dynamism to a campaign, and is effective on its own or in support of traditional content and integrated campaigns. But how can you make the most of the medium?

Taking PR to a new level 

If we look at PR in a traditional sense, video may seem like an outsider, with the written word often the core element of most campaigns. Up until a few years ago, other than the odd film in high-budget projects, videos were a scarcity in the PR field. However, social media and digitisation in general has changed that.

According to Invideo, people watch on average 16 hours of video per week and websites with video content receive 88% longer sessions (time spent on the website). Social media algorithms also tend to favour this type of content, with video posts usually getting 48% more engagement, making video something that everyone should consider.

Including video content in a PR campaign is a simple way to add extra flair and boost reach.

Adding movement to your campaigns 

There’s no limit to the ways in which video can support PR activity, you’ve just got to think beyond the static plane. As a business, you could:

  • Preface a white paper with a short video that summarises the topic and hints at the findings.
  • Issue electronic press kits that include video interviews with sector experts.
  • Create a series of videos on short form social media, such as TikTok, exploring the ins and outs of your campaign.
  • Make a video heading for your website that encapsulates your business’ personality and purpose.

There is no end to its potential.

Telling your story 

Video is a great storytelling tool – it’s similar to a written article really.  However, just creating a video  doesn’t guarantee engagement. Just like in a book or a piece of written content, the first couple of seconds must entice the audience, so knowing your target inside and out is crucial.

Other ways to make your videos appeal to a wider audience include:

  • Adding subtitles to make it more inclusive – 85% of videos on Facebook and 80% on LinkedIn are watched without sound.

  • Taking care to produce videos in the correct format for the medium and the target audience, this is especially important as most people (75%) prefer to watch video horizontally.

  • Ensuring you are using good quality and entertaining footage.

These are all effective ways to make your video content reach new heights. Using video to its full potential can help your campaigns to make an even bigger impact.


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