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As PR professionals, most of our time is spent chasing them all important publicity opportunities for our clients. However, there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to making sure a PR strategy is a complete success. Whilst we do love backlinks and counting our coverage, our job is a lot more versatile than people may think.

Social Media Management

Likes, comments and engagement are no accident. It takes months of planning, researching, and reviewing to create the perfect recipe for client success. Carefully crafted words, rigorous monthly schedules and group brainstorms are some elements of the huge responsibility behind the maintenance of client social media channels. A keen eye for trends is essential when running client accounts, so it really is a role that never stops. A great social media expert will have in-depth knowledge of all things digital marketing, PR, content creation and know exactly what people want to see.

Digital PR

What do SEO, blog writing and email campaigns all have in common? They are all small factors in the world of digital PR.

It’s estimated there are upwards of 1.8 billion websites floating around our world wide web, which is why it is so essential for businesses to invest in their online presence. Whether this be filling their website with SEO friendly content, working hard to create a trustworthy platform, or branching into email campaigns; the internet is there to be explored and conquered with the help of PR professionals.

Influencer Relations

Social media influencers are a recent phenomenon that have moulded how PR gurus utilise platforms during campaigns. From product reviews to throwing huge parties, social media influencers have the ability to increase publicity of a brand or product to thousands or sometimes millions of their followers. Influencer marketing is said to be worth $15million, and as a huge part of digital PR and social media, being able to create good working relationships with trustworthy influencers could be the key to success for a consumer facing campaign.

Hosting Events

Its not unknown for PR people to party like its 1999, but in our defence its for work purposes! It’s not all glitz and glam though, planning launch events and parties takes months and months of stress. We want to make sure we’ve got the best of everything to make our clients shine, from planning all the way through to promotion.

Launch events have been a promotional tactic in PR and Marketing for a while now, and whilst they are a fun opportunity for client and agency alike to have fun, they also hold huge influence over the success of the product.

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